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Monday through Thursday
6-9pm Pacific (9-midnight Eastern)

On this show,  discussions feature anti-New World Order type news, and share health and wellness issues. Some usual topics discussed are: Common Core, RFIDs, Agenda 21, GMO Foods, and detoxing through food and herbs. Current events of the day are brought up and commented on. Most shows are caller-heavy. People enjoy calling in to the show and speak to Proof on the topics of the day.

The Educated Redneck The Legendary Dan Ellison

9-10:30am Pacific (noon-1:30 Eastern)

This show will be designed to give my take on today’s topics as broadly as that can be applied. There will be talk about politics, supernatural, crypto animals, comic stories and Van Life. I live a very varied life and will do many shows from the road. I want to be varied and not become predictable. I want truthful and not shocking.