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  • chris marten : Hey... if any of your listeners wanna get in touch with me, my email is
  • Mars :
  • Mars : listening to chris marten talk about criminal cases.
  • Mars : we're live on blog talk right now
  • Mars : Heyo
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  • Mars : good show good show
  • Mars : So i guess this is part of the going crazy?
  • Mars : I mean joker did fall into toxic sludge and go nuts.
  • Mars : This is a wild episode.
  • Mars : I'm here hanging out
  • Mars : heyo
  • Proof : welcome
  • Proof : Hello
  • F : hi
  • Proof : Sega
  • Grass Roots Momma : if you have any question or comments you can make them here
  • Grass Roots Momma : Live on blog talk right now
  • yomomma : testing testing 123
  • yomomma : TIS DONE AHAHA
  • yomomma : here we go
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