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  • guest_773 : Free society only work when people care
  • guest_773 : Contact me if not asta LA vesta baby!
  • guest_773 : Brandin cows? Cut them some slack let them go free and have free will choice you will receive a blessing
  • guest_773 : One time too many
  • guest_773 : Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?
  • guest_773 : Is this a chat
  • guest_773 : Rollin Rollin Rollin
  • guest_773 : I had a vision there were green zones in N S E W, in Christ we came together
  • guest_773 : Pure Energy!
  • guest_773 : Serpent?
  • guest_6229 : This chat must be another one of those chat rooms amongst the living dead. HELLO
  • guest_6229 : Oh no!
  • guest_6229 : Frankenstein made.a monster turned on his maker
  • guest_6229 : Anyone here fell off his horse due to a sudden whirlwind become blind ?
  • guest_6229 : Not all people are immoral! Edit!
  • guest_6229 : I have the real whirl wind to show you if you have eyes to see
  • guest_6229 : I think this chat is plagued
  • Tiffany : where is the live chat for the live show? Walk me there or the train will hit me
  • Tiffany :
  • Tiffany : Is this the cat for the Live show? yes otr no. Having difficulty finding hoe to join the live chat! Heck!
  • Tiffany : Hello, my 77 year old mother is in love with your show!
  • Ky : Ah, at the TOP of the box! Sorry to repeat myself.
  • Ky : test
  • Ky : Banned on FB a full year?
  • Ky : Banned on Facebook for a whole year?!
  • Danhmz : You can’t turn your back on them because they may assert what they think is correct. The game is the king in the day, and if you want to reach Kiev, it's important to do is assume about the box. Specifically, it was created as an area for men who want to find a Ukrainian girlfriend and proceed their communication offline. Officials from the tour operator contacted Ukrainian women who fled their country and escaped to the Moldovan capital Chisinau. They were welcomed by officials of the t
  • Joexew : Chatbot experts: Zodier's CEO Matvey Gramovich (proper) and chief technical officer Slava Kalevich. That, at the very least, was the speculation that the Belarussian-born founders of Zodier, CEO Matvey Gramovich and chief technical officer Slava Kalevich, relied on to get the venture off the ground and growing worldwide. The biggest is Yauheni Tamashevich, CEO and founder of SpurIT-a company that gives growth, marketing and customer help capabilities in e-commerce; in addition to serial digital
  • Lonnierye : Fashioned dating advice in real life I been a romantic. It probably has something connected to growing up watching BBC costume dramas. It might sound obsolete but I always been into the whole hearts, Love letters and serious woo ing side. mobile phone me baby, Buy me some red roses and a box of Milk Tray and I yours for a lifetime. (Just kiddingthe around, I sometimes more of a Ferrero Rocher kind of gal). But recently I for you to question if romance even applies to today swipe based dating sce
  • Kinlochtfv : The best dating websites for gatwick singles to use in 2019 Manchester is dealing with a dating crisis, With the highest concentration of single people in the UK. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our practical knowledge. You can unsubscribe at any time. specifics thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy notice Dating in stansted can be tough. Last year eHarmony revealed almost half of all single Mancunians feel at a loss for the
  • chris marten : Hey... if any of your listeners wanna get in touch with me, my email is
  • Mars :
  • Mars : listening to chris marten talk about criminal cases.
  • Mars : we're live on blog talk right now
  • Mars : Heyo
  • Rickoot : The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of "Online dating within the United States" and take you straight to the corresponding statistics. Make a summary of your preferences or components you find important. Share YouTube movies, trade footage, discover out about cultures, festivities of other components of the globe. And that i don't know what's extra offensive: That they've referred to as me out for being Asian or the truth that I'm not Chinese lang
  • Mars : good show good show
  • Mars : So i guess this is part of the going crazy?
  • Mars : I mean joker did fall into toxic sludge and go nuts.
  • Mars : This is a wild episode.
  • Mars : I'm here hanging out
  • Mars : heyo
  • Proof : welcome
  • Proof : Hello
  • F : hi
  • Proof : Sega
  • Grass Roots Momma : if you have any question or comments you can make them here
  • Grass Roots Momma : Live on blog talk right now
  • yomomma : testing testing 123
  • yomomma : TIS DONE AHAHA
  • yomomma : here we go
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