Moving Beyond The Matrix

Moving Beyond the Matrix is a talk show that gives you real time world current events /nd solutions to the problems we face every day. Providing facts and exposing the frauds of the world to open peoples eyes and awaken humanity. As we empower humanity through lost hidden knowledge that has been kept from us. We educate our audience with powerful solutions as well. We share topics on earth based spirituality, paranormal, Quantum hypnotherapy, Meditation, Psychic Tarot Readings, Crypto Investing, lost and ancient civilizations and ancient technologies which helps us on how to make sense of the past in order to shape a positive future.

Hosts Dr. Druanna and Darren Wells

An International DJ of 25 years with tens of thousands of gigs behind me including radio work.
Researcher and designer with many skills that gives the satisfaction of getting the truth out to the people of the world that have a right to know what is really going on around the world.
We take time to do the research so you donʼt have to.

Show Times

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Wednesdayʼs :30pm-6pm PST and Sundayʼs
6-7:30pm PST

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