Bible Study with Carl

My program is on every Sunday at 3:00 pm EST. I host the 90 minute Bible Study and am usually joined by my co-host Raven.

I briefly want to inform you of all that either one of us feel that is worth mentioning: “Bible Study with Carl on Freedomizer Radio”; only theme is “Bible Interprets Bible” period; “I/we WILL lead you to SCRIPTURAL BIBLICAL ANSWERS, not any man’s opinion including my own opinions.

Neither of us believe that we can make any comment at all unless there is scripture to TOTALLY substantiate what we publicly claim. If we occasionally give our opinion we demand it is emphatically that: our opinion because we have not yet found two or three or more Bible verses to form a biblical truth. Every word in the Bible is Jesus Christ (John 1(1)(14)(29))! Every word, OT/NT is inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Timothy 3(16) and 2 Peter 1(20,21) and the ONLY TEACHER IS THE HOLY SPIRIT (John 14(26), 25(26) and 16(13)! The best I/we can do on our best day is to guide every listener, not to us, but to the ONLY TEACHER: The Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your interest.

Show Times

Listen Live On Sundays

1:30pm - 3pm Pacific
4:30pm - 6pm Eastern

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