100 Days to Chaos: Citizens of Paris Dread the Upcoming Summer Olympic Games
100 Days to Chaos: Citizens of Paris Dread the Upcoming Summer Olympic Games

After Globalist poster boy, French President Emmanuel Macron spent years on end trying to solve all the problems of this world but the ones facing his Republic, he now has a steep price to pay, as the Olympic Games arrive in less than 100 days – and most Parisians are dreading it.

You may think that’s an exaggeration, and feel like there’s little to fear from Olympics Games held in ‘romantic’ Paris – but that lovely city basically only exists in our hearts and memories. Look at how is life now in the metropolis:

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So as the 100 day mark fly us by, the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics make many locals grumble that ‘it will mostly be an inconvenience’.

Maybe if Macron was not so worried to lecturing Brazil about how to protect its forest ort Russia how to protect its National Security, he could have taken care of business at home – which he did not.

Sur enough, there is a well-earned stereotype of ‘the grumpy French’. And also, there is the fact that months of building and road renovations for the Games have clogged traffic. But it’s not just that.

Reuters reported:

“A poll last month showed only over a third of French felt enthusiastic about the global sporting event that will start on July 26.

And with the countdown switching to 100 days, many in Paris said they would leave the city, if they could, or work from home, staying away from the sporting events.

‘Am I excited about the Games? No, sorry, I know it’s not the right response but I’m not. I’m not excited at all’, said 57-year-old consulting director Carole Gabriel-Jullien, who lives in the suburbs and plans to work from home during the Olympics.

‘I’m very worried’, she said. ‘When we see how messy daily life already is in Paris, with all these additional people coming for the Olympics, it will be hell’.”

The Olympics’ organizers say to the four winds that they are confident the mood in Paris and beyond will improve as the Games near.

But the security risks are not ‘worrying in vain’, since the threat of terrorist attacks have led the French government to raise its security alert to its highest level.

“Francois Urbain, a 29-year-old office manager, said he will also leave the French capital. ‘I don’t think the city of Paris will be ready’ to handle the Olympics, he said.”

Even the more optimistic say that it will all go well – as long as the unions don’t go on strike.

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