Saskatchewan RCMP say explosive devices found in mailboxes are “modified fireworks”
Saskatchewan RCMP say explosive devices found in mailboxes are “modified fireworks”

The Saskatoon RCMP is investigating a series of bomb incidents in rural mailboxes, sparking concern among residents and law enforcement. 

The city’s RCMP received a report on Sunday that various mailboxes had been broken into with “suspicious objects” left inside of them, according to a news release issued by the RCMP.

The RCMP received a separate report on Monday morning of an explosive device being placed in a separate mailbox.

“Further investigation has determined that seven explosive devices were placed in mailboxes in the area. Six of them detonated, damaging the mailboxes,” said the Saskatoon RCMP. “No injuries were reported.”

The Saskatchewan RCMP’s Explosive Disposal Unit is assisting the city’s RCMP with its ongoing investigation.

The government agency is warning residents to not handle any unknown devices found in mailboxes. Should a resident find something suspicious, they are asked to call the Saskatoon RCMP at 310-RCMP.

Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers.

A spokesperson for the RCMP told True North that the devices found were “modified fireworks.” 

The spokesperson added that two additional damaged mailboxes have been found, bringing the total to eight. All of the mailboxes with explosive devices put in them were located East of Saskatoon, in Blucher and Corman Park between Highway 16 and Highway 5.

“The fireworks will not detonate, and thus are not a threat, unless they are lit,” said the RCMP’s spokesperson.

The recent findings and updates come as a result of the RCMP’s continued investigation, which is ongoing.

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