Tommy Robinson’s freedom restored, deemed a “David and Goliath” victory 
Tommy Robinson’s freedom restored, deemed a “David and Goliath” victory 

After an ordeal which saw Tommy Robinson handcuffed and hauled away from a free speech event, the British activist will be allowed to travel and exercise his free speech once more.

Robinson made the announcement alongside Rebel News founder Ezra Levant, who helped organize the event in Calgary.

“David and Goliath doesn’t even capture it. Not only are you free to go and give a speech in Toronto, but there’s no deportation order. There’s no ban. You are leaving as a welcome and honoured guest,” said Levant. 

Robinson was arrested on Tuesday in Calgary after delivering a speech on censorship and government overreach at an event organized by Rebel News. The event in Calgary was the first stop of three in his Canada-wide tour.

He confirmed that he got his passport back and is free to travel where he pleases.

“I should have been free to travel this country. I should have been free to give my discussions and my talks. And now I’m coming to Toronto, so make sure you’re there,” said Robinson. 

The Canada Border Services Agency arrested the co-founder of the English Defence League after discovering a discrepancy between his criminal record and the information provided on his travel authorization application to enter Canada. 

Robinson said that his “boss” did his application and that he was questioned for three hours at immigration upon his entry into Canada.

Robinson was released from jail shortly after his arrest but was initially forced to surrender his passport and remain in Southern Alberta.

The Calgary Police Service previously told True North that it only involved itself “to keep the peace” and assist CBSA in its arrest.

MPP Goldie Ghamari was recently removed from caucus by Doug Ford after she met with Robinson over FaceTime.

One of Robinson’s lawyers, Michael Green, praised the court’s decision.

“Luckily, they were very reasonable about it. Hats off to them. They did not have to do this. I’m just glad they did,” said Green. 

Levant said that Robinson’s arrest was unprecedented.

“Trudeau has never arrested, let alone sent eight cops to arrest someone for immigration reasons. He’s never banned them from travelling. It was two-tier policing, and I want to thank our super lawyers for fighting for freedom,” said Levant.

Robinson said that the police couldn’t have been nicer to him.

“Even when I was arrested and got to the police station, they could not have been nicer. They didn’t want to do it. It was very clear they did not want to carry out that action. They were forced to,” said Robinson. 

Levant said that 30 million people have seen the video of Robinson’s arrest. 

“Sometimes you think you can’t win when you fight the government, but you’ve got to try. And today’s a great victory,” said Levant. “Justin Trudeau once again shot himself in the foot. You helped increase freedom for Canadians,” Levant told Robinson.

Robinson said that missing his tour is one thing, but it wasn’t his biggest concern. His daughter’s birthday is next week, and he feared that he’d miss it if he was continuously prohibited from leaving Southern Alberta and the country.He will continue his tour in Toronto before heading back home.

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