Watch: Leftist Georgia Judge Arrested And Dismissed From Bench After Assaulting Police
Watch: Leftist Georgia Judge Arrested And Dismissed From Bench After Assaulting Police
Watch: Leftist Georgia Judge Arrested And Dismissed From Bench After Assaulting Police

Maybe it’s time for America to reconsider the ugly trend of bringing the ghetto into politics and the courtroom?  The list of leftist politicians and judges in trouble for corruption and belligerent low-class behavior is growing long.  It’s painful for many Americans to think about how this reflects on the country overall.  If anyone was unsure about our status as an idiocracy, we certainly look like one now.

Case in point, one of Georgia’s highest paid (and most infamous) Democrat judges, Christina Peterson, has recently been arrested for assault on a police officer outside a nightclub in Atlanta.  Peterson has subsequently been dismissed from the bench, but not just for allegedly striking an officer during the arrest of another woman.  She was also investigated and disciplined for dozens of professional violations.  Seeing her personal conduct when interacting with police, one wonders how it was possible for such a woman to be in the position to become a judge.

The Atlanta Police Department said Peterson repeatedly brushed the officer’s arms away and pushed him twice before he detained her outside the Red Martini Restaurant and Lounge on Peachtree Road.  She refused to give officers her name for hours after the arrest. 

She now claims that the officer didn’t identify himself and that he was engaged in a “coverup” of his “improper acts.”  The officer’s body cam footage appears to indicate otherwise.

An investigation was already underway into 28 accusations of misconduct against Peterson when the incident occurred. 

This week, the Georgia Supreme Court issued a decision removing her from office early, with her original term due to end later this year.

The Supreme Court said the most troubling allegation against Peterson had to do with her treatment of a woman who appeared before her while trying to correct an error on her marriage certificate. Peterson held the woman in criminal contempt and imposed the maximum jail term of 20 days and a fine “without explanation or justification,” the panel found.

Peterson is also alleged to have allowed people to enter the county courthouse after hours without ensuring proper security screening and then made unjustified requests for deputies to work overtime at taxpayer expense when her after-hours access was limited as a result, the high court opinion says. She also pressed a panic button in her chambers when the deputy assigned to escort her to court did not arrive on time. Those actions “did not demonstrate the decorum and temperament required of a judge,” the opinion says.

As the childish nature of the political left seeps into every facet of American society there will be inevitable abuses of power on a scale consistent with the worst kinds of third-world cesspools.  Positions of authority requiring a high level of decorum are now being populated with low-IQ, impulse driven adolescents trapped inside adult bodies.  It’s a bad look, but also a poisonous condition for fairness or justice.  DEI strikes again, and the lowest common denominator continues to cut in line ahead of people with much greater merit and far better aptitude.   

Tyler Durden
Wed, 06/26/2024 – 22:40

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