“Utter bimbo”: Douglas Murray rips Justin Trudeau, praises Pierre Poilievre
“Utter bimbo”: Douglas Murray rips Justin Trudeau, praises Pierre Poilievre

World-renowned author and journalist Douglas Murray had strong words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Australian television, calling him a “superannuated drama teacher” and predicting that his political career is all but over.

Discussing the recent byelection defeat Trudeau’s Liberals suffered on Sky News Australia’s Rita Panahi Show, Murray called Trudeau out for, in his eyes, being dishonest, insincere, and unintelligent. 

“Performative caring – that’s all that Justin Trudeau does,” said Murray.

“It’s very hard to find a true thing that he’s ever said or a sincere thing that he’s ever said. The man is entirely artifice. He’s an utter bimbo.”

Murray went on to recall a recent trip he made to Canada and described Canadians as being fed up with the prime minister while describing his opposition leader Pierre Poilievre as “competent.”

“I was in Canada last week in a couple of cities and I can’t tell you Rita the detestation that you find for Trudeau across the political board. A vast majority of Canadians want him to stand down now,” said Murray. 

“He has really impressive opposition now. I think Pierre Poilievre and the others on the Conservative side, they’re very impressive people now facing off against Trudeau. I think he’s absolutely toast.”

In a comparison to former New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, Murray said national leaders like Trudeau are able to do “vicious” things to their citizens so long as it is done with a veneer of compassion.

“People should be aware of this – the amount you can get away with, that is cruel and sometimes evil if you wrap it up in this particular style of politics…whether it’s Ardern or Trudeau, you can do the most vicious things to your public, and wow did they do it.”

Trudeau has increasingly been facing domestic and international criticism as his party continues to do poorly in public opinion polls.

Businessman and TV personality Kevin O’Leary slammed the Trudeau government’s decision to hike the capital gains inclusion rate, calling the prime minister a “weak manager” while joking he wouldn’t let the government run a bodega. 

Several politicians worldwide have attacked Trudeau, including Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic and Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff.

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