Off the Record | Do the Liberals care about treason?
Off the Record | Do the Liberals care about treason?

It’s Friday – kick back, grab a drink and enjoy the latest episode of Off the Record with Andrew Lawton, Rachel Emmanuel and Noah Jarvis!

Select MPs are suspected of aiding foreign states to interfere in Canadian affairs. The Liberal government’s response? “Boo-hoo!” After the government refused to release the list of MPs who are suspected of committing “wittingly” collaborating with hostile foreign actors, Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell mocked the Conservatives’ concerns. Shouldn’t Canadians have a right to know which MPs are working against Canada?

Plus, it’s Pride month, which means it’s time for the CBC to shine! With its $1.4 billion annual handout courtesy of taxpayers, the state broadcaster is promoting “the horniest newsletter” in Canada and wondering whether D-Day commemorations glorify war. Quality journalism right here.

And comedian Rob Schneider is apparently in hot water for being a comedian and making jokes. Welcome to Canada, Rob!

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