Chrystia Freeland wears 0 designer sneakers while speaking to Canadians about affordability
Chrystia Freeland wears 0 designer sneakers while speaking to Canadians about affordability

Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is facing criticism for wearing high-priced designer sneakers while bringing the government’s affordability message to Canadians’ doors.

While canvassing for the Liberal candidate for the federal Toronto—St. Paul’s riding, Freeland wore a pair of Miu Miu sneakers. Although no longer in the catalogue, one website shows the original retail price for the “Nappa Leather Lace-up Sneakers In Black/white” as between $740 and $1210 before taxes.

Previous photos show Freeland wearing the same type of shoes as far back as 2021.Miu Miu is an Italian high fashion brand owned by Prada. Freeland posted a picture of herself wearing the sneakers at a weekend canvassing event for Liberal candidate Leslie Church.

Critics on X made the point that Freeland’s lavish shoes show a disconnect from how many Canadians are experiencing the economy right now, and the way politicians such as Freeland are living.

Canada’s living standards have been declining since 2019. While the average rent in Canada increased 9% since last year to $2,178 a month at the end of last year, the average asking rent in Toronto also increased 2.1% since the previous year.

In her most recent federal budget, Freeland has stressed the need for “generational fairness” and making life more affordable.Freeland did not respond to a request for comment from True North about the optics of her footwear choice.

According to the latest 338Canada poll for the riding, Liberals are ahead of the Conservatives by just five points, a stark contrast from the 23 points they won by in the 2021 general election.

The riding has been in Liberal hands since 1993. The byelection was triggered by the retirement of longtime Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett.

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