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Alex Soros Gives Dems Propaganda Blueprint For "Convicted Felon" Trump Amid Party Infighting
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Alex Soros Gives Dems Propaganda Blueprint For “Convicted Felon” Trump Amid Party Infighting

With Democrats high-fiving over the ‘historic’ conviction of their chief political rival, a fight has broken out amongst party leaders over how to gloat over this obvious political lawfare which was allegedly coordinated with the Biden administration, and rife with conflicts of interest.

Even CNN senior legal analyst, Elie Honig, admitted that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg (who reduced 60% of felonies to misdemeanors in 2023, yet elevated Trump’s misdemeanors to a felony), wrote in NY Mag: “Here, prosecutors got their man, for now at least – but they also contorted the law in an unprecedented manner in their quest to snare their prey.

The charges against Trump are obscure, and nearly entirely unprecedented. In fact, no state prosecutor — in New York, or Wyoming, or anywhere — has ever charged federal election laws as a direct or predicate state crime, against anyone, for anything. None. Ever. Even putting aside the specifics of election law, the Manhattan DA itself almost never brings any case in which falsification of business records is the only charge.” -Elie Honig

Now the Democrats are split on how to gloat over this communist show trial – with party establishment figures preaching caution and restraint, and the other side which sees Trump’s guilt as a political gift that should be used as a cudgel.

Mini-Me Soros Pipes Up

Arguing in favor of gloating is one Alex Soros, son of George Soros, who visited the Biden White House 14 times since October 2021 according to visitor logs. Young Alex said the quiet part out loud on Friday, suggesting in his infinite wisdom that Democrats should turn take every opportunity to call Trump ‘convicted felon,’ (of course, turning him into an even bigger martyr).

“Democrats should refer to Trump as a convicted felon at every opportunity. Repetition is the key to a successful message and we want people to wrestle with the notion of hiring a convicted felon for the most important job in the country!”

Young Alex was ‘ratio’d’ into oblivion on X (far more comments than ‘likes,’ indicating disagreement). That said, he also has the firepower of his father’s network of organizations to promote whatever he sees fit.

As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it, too,” the millennial said in a WSJ interview last summer

And who could blame amped-up, constitution-shredding Democrats for wanting to capitalize on this headline-sweeping, historic event of their own making?

According to Bloomberg data, headlines featuring ‘Bidenomics’ collapsed last year after the Biden administration realized pushing it was a terrible idea. Meanwhile, ‘convicted felon’ has just erupted.

While Soros, the complex web of OSF groups, the Biden administration, and radical Democrats cheer this weekend, not just because it’s the first day of Pride Month but because of Trump’s conviction, the political assault on the former president was likely overplayed.

Going deeper into Elie Honig’s analysis via @KanekoaTheGreat:

CNN Senior Legal Analyst Describes How The Trump Conviction Was A Political Hit Job

1. “The judge donated money… in plain violation of a rule prohibiting New York judges from making political donations—to a pro-Biden, anti-Trump political operation.”

2. Alvin Bragg boasted on the campaign trail in an overwhelmingly Democrat county, “It is a fact that I have sued Trump over 100 times.”

3. “Most importantly, the DA’s charges against Trump push the outer boundaries of the law and due process.

4. “The charges against Trump are obscure, and nearly entirely unprecedented. In fact, no state prosecutor — in New York, or Wyoming, or anywhere — has ever charged federal election laws as a direct or predicate state crime, against anyone, for anything. None. Ever.”

5. The DA inflated misdemeanors past the statute of limitations and “electroshocked them back to life” by alleging the falsification of business records was committed ‘with intent to commit another crime.’

6. “Inexcusably, the DA refused to specify what those unlawful means actually were — and the judge declined to force them to pony up — until right before closing arguments. So much for the constitutional obligation to provide notice to the defendant of the accusations against him in advance of trial.”

7. “In these key respects, the charges against Trump aren’t just unusual. They’re bespoke, seemingly crafted individually for the former president and nobody else.

8. “The Manhattan DA’s employees reportedly have called this the “Zombie Case” because of various legal infirmities, including its bizarre charging mechanism. But it’s better characterized as the Frankenstein Case, cobbled together with ill-fitting parts into an ugly, awkward, but more-or-less functioning contraption that just might ultimately turn on its creator.”

Definitely one of those ‘you know it’s bad when’ moments…

Here’s what folks on X said in response to Alex’s ratioed post:

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