A POV footage obtained by RT shows intense close-quarters combat

A rare bodycam footage obtained by RT shows a Russian soldier storming Ukrainian positions and clearing the trenches. The video was filmed by the serviceman himself. 

It is not exactly clear where and when the clip was made. The video starts with the soldier entering a trench and firing his assault rifle. The man then throws a grenade, as a bang and a muffled scream are heard in the background. 

The soldier then enters a dugout, where three bodies are lying on the ground next to ammunition crates and an anti-tank weapon. 

According to RT Russian, a Swedish-British NLAW anti-armor guided missile system and a Swedish AT-4 grenade launcher were found in the trench by Moscow’s troops.

A dead soldier seen in the video was armed with a US-made assault rifle and was wearing a uniform with the patch of Norway’s Telemark Battalion, RT Russian said. The soldier’s nationality is unclear, however, as some Ukrainian online shops sell patches modeled after those worn by foreign armies.

Like many NATO countries, Norway has donated weapons and equipment to Ukraine, as well as provided training to Kiev’s forces. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s estimates, some 13,400 foreign “mercenaries” joined the Ukrainian military and nearly 6,000 of them have been killed. 

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Recent weeks have been marked by intense fighting in the Donbass, as well as by Russia’s new offensive in Ukraine’s eastern Kharkov region, where Moscow’s troops seized several villages along the border.

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