Liberal MP won’t run again, citing threats and misogyny amid plummeting polls
Liberal MP won’t run again, citing threats and misogyny amid plummeting polls

Another Liberal MP is abandoning the party amid plummeting polls nationwide. 

Liberal MP Pam Damoff won’t seek re-election. In her four-page resignation letter posted to her Facebook page, she said public discourse has deteriorated and trust has been lost in public institutions which she attributed to misinformation and lies spread by politicians and social media.

The MP representing the riding of Oakville North—Burlington announced her resignation, while recent polling shows her riding as a Conservative stronghold, with a 90% chance of the Tories winning the riding. 

The federal ridings of Oakville West and Oakville East most recently have polls where the Conservatives possess a 96% and 98% chance of winning, respectively.

“The threats of misogyny I have experienced as a Member of Parliament are such that I often fear going out in public, and that is not a sustainable or healthy way to live,” wrote Damoff in her resignation letter.

She did not point toward a single example of threats or misogyny. Instead, she decided to focus on the accomplishments she was proud of.  

“While I know that I still have something to offer Canada, Ontario, and my community, the hyper-partisan nature of politics today is not the environment that I see myself serving in,” said Damoff.

Some accomplishments listed by Damoff were “taking action to protect women and end gender-based violence” and “unprecedented investment in public transit and electric buses.” 

Damoff also highlighted the accomplishments of the Liberal party, of which she took notable pride.

One accomplishment she noted of the Liberals was $10 a day childcare, helping reach the highest level of women’s labour force participation in Canadian history.

The Macdonald Laurier Institute recently released a study highlighting the many issues with government-controlled childcare. The study highlighted a decline in childcare across the country, a drastic reduction in supply, and that the government has distorted the nature of women’s work to inflate GDP statistics.

“The government takeover of the childcare sector is entirely unjustified, and the results have been calamitous,” concluded the study.

Another accomplishment of the Liberal party highlighted by Damoff was the carbon tax, which the majority of premiers and Canadians have called to scrap. 

Damoff also took pride in the Liberals’ introduction of national pharmacare.

At least 21.5 million Canadians will have insurance coverage jeopardized by the program.

The Liberal MP previously defended the Liberals against allegations of corruption. She said that Canadians should look at the Taliban if they think Trudeau is corrupt.

“I’ve been told that my government is corrupt, and I often say to people, ‘take a look at Afghanistan; take a look at what’s going on in the Middle East right now if you actually want to see countries where there are terrorists running a country, as in Gaza,” she said.  

Despite announcing her resignation, Damoff confirmed that she will continue to represent her Oakville North—Burlington riding until the next election. 

“Canada is the greatest country in the world. It is not lost on me the challenges we face, issues to overcome, and divisions we have to heal,” wrote Damoff. 

She added that if Canadians focus on what unites us and take the high road, the country will be left off better than we found it.

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