The medium-range anti-aircraft system was neutralized in a high-precision strike, footage released by the Russian military shows

The Russian Defense Ministry released a drone video on Thursday showing a strike in Ukraine on one of its German-supplied IRIS-T anti-aircraft systems.

The system was discovered at a remote location near the village of Ostroverkhova, the Defense Ministry said, apparently referring to a settlement in Ukraine’s Kharkov Region.

The components of the system, identified as a command-and-control vehicle and a launcher, were covered with a masknet, as drone video shows.

The location was hit by two unspecified projectiles, presumably high-precision munitions fired by a Tornado-S system, widely regarded as a Russian analogue to the US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launchers. The Tornado-S systems have increasingly seen action in recent months, repeatedly being used by Russian troops for strikes on high-value military assets.

The strike obliterated both the command-and-control vehicles as well as the launcher. It also caused a secondary detonation of ammunition at the site and sparked a fire at a building nearby, identified by the Russian military as a storage depot.

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Germany has been supplying IRIS-T systems to Kiev since late 2022, with multiple units already destroyed during hostilities.

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