The most cowardly statement made during Covid was signed off on by Freedom Convoy organizer

Opinion article by Greg Staley

Written On: 2024-04-30 

We reached out for comment but we received no response from Tamara Lich.

What goes through a person’s mind when they are involved at the highest levels of a political party and that party makes cowardly statements?

Perhaps one of the most spineless statements to ever be made by a political party during Covid was by the Maverick Party who said that they would not “be forced to become involved in the on-going emotional debate” over restrictions versus infringement of citizens rights or freedoms. They have since deleted this statement but we have a downloaded copy. 

Maverick Party Covid-19 Statement

The most cowardly statement made during Covid was signed off on by Freedom Convoy organizer

Perhaps more dumbfounding is how the VP of Communications for that party went on to become the face of the Freedom Convoy in Canada. You see, Tamara Lich was the VP of Communications when the party made the statement.

She didn’t leave the party until after all the media attention (and criticism) began when she was already in Ottawa – over 8 months after the party made the not so freedom friendly statements.

At least, that’s the position we believe she held when that statement was made. You see, for some reason, we couldn’t get a straight answer out of the Maverick party regarding her time there.

We simply asked what her role was as VP of Communications and when she left that role. For some reason, the party went out of their way to not answer the question. 

In fact, the Maverick Party referenced an opinion article we wrote quoting Tamara’s book and became confrontational – despite Tamara publicly saying she no longer believed in what the party represented when leaving.

Lich on why she left the Maverick Party

“Talking to the Quebecers and they had 1,000 truckers ready to go and it’s surreal and I had this epiphany moment. This has all been a lie, the Quebec vs. Alberta division …. In that moment I realized, I don’t want to leave Canada, these are good people.” – Quote from National Post

The Maverick Party told Diverge Media that they “did not see the relevance” in light of our opinion piece on Tamara. I brought up the relevance in regards to their cowardly Covid position and they continued to reference our opinion piece and called into question the quality of our research instead of answering the simple questions before them.

In this article we quote Tamara’s book and discuss the deal the “independent media” won’t talk about

For reference, the opinion piece that offended Lich’s former party was one in which we discussed how she and lawyer Keith Wilson and Ontario Party politician Tom Marazzo made a deal with the city that perfectly coincided with what the police wanted – all without consulting protesters on the ground.

That deal simply put, made it easier for police to kettle the protesters, round them up and beat the living daylights out of them.

But back to my previous point – I think the questions we asked are pretty damn relevant – was she in charge of Communications when the party made the following statements?

Coward Statement 1

The Maverick party, whom Tamara Lich was the VP of Communications for said they “will not be forced to become involved in the on-going emotional debate over restrictions imposed by the Premiers” versus the “infringement of citizens rights or freedoms.” 

Put another way, it would be like saying hey – we will not get involved in your “emotional debate” over losing your home, job, pension, broken family relations etc imposed and encouraged by the provinces cause you know – we’re a federal party. A spineless statement.

Isn’t crazy that the person that has become known as the face of the Freedom Convoy was the VP of Communications when this political party made these statements – and furthermore, stayed on with the party even during part of the Freedom Convoy?

Coward Statement 2

Another gem from the Maverick Party’s Covid statement was that Canadians have “the right to speak out” but “governments also have the responsibility of protecting their citizens.”

 Read another way, this is like saying, “The government is doing what they think is best.” The party later goes on to state that “if some people believe such actions are inappropriate” they can simply hold their provincial government “accountable in the next election.”

How’s that for compassion? So sad, you lost your job, you were arrested for holding church, you lost your pension, your family won’t talk to you and the provincial government encouraged all of this but hey, we’re a federal party buddy. We aren’t going to get involved in your “emotional debate” and if you don’t like it you can hold them accountable in the next election.

In summary, how does Tamara Lich, who presumably signed off on these statements become the face of the Freedom Convoy 8 months later? Why has no independent media ever asked the question?

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