Visualizing The Major Product Exported By Each US State
Visualizing The Major Product Exported By Each US State

The U.S. is the second biggest exporter in the world, accounting for over 8% of global exports.

In this graphic by NeoMam Studios, Visual Capitalist’s Bruno Venditti analyzes the primary product exported by each state, as well as its main destination, utilizing data from the U.S. International Trade Administration.

Visualizing The Major Product Exported By Each US State

Canada: The Primary Destination

Canada serves as the largest export market for most of the Midwest, while Mexico holds the top spot as the export destination for much of the Southwest and Southeast. Additionally, Canada stands out as the primary importer of products from 21 states, with China and Germany trailing behind as notable destinations.

State Destination Top Product Exported Value (USD)
Alabama 🇩🇪 Germany Transportation equip. $3,649M
Alaska 🇨🇦 Canada Minerals $576M
Arizona 🇲🇽 Mexico Minerals $1,760M
Arkansas 🇨🇦 Canada Processed Foods $246M
California 🇨🇦 Canada Computer & Electronics $5,093M
Colorado 🇰🇷 South Korea Processed Foods $545M
Connecticut 🇩🇪 Germany Transportation equip. $1,581M
Delaware 🇰🇷 South Korea Appliances $419M
Florida 🇬🇧 UK Chemicals $2,447M
Georgia 🇨🇦 Canada Machinery $1,629M
Hawaii 🇭🇰 Hong Kong Transportation equip. $68M
Idaho 🇹🇼 Taiwan Computer & Electronics $394M
Illinois 🇨🇦 Canada Transportation equip. $4,517M
Indiana 🇨🇦 Canada Transportation equip. $6,561M
Iowa 🇨🇦 Canada Machinery $1,598M
Kansas 🇲🇽 Mexico Agricultural $1,543M
Kentucky 🇨🇦 Canada Transportation equip. $3,630M
Louisiana 🇨🇳 China Agricultural $11,300M
Maine 🇨🇦 Canada Oil & Gas $504M
Maryland 🇫🇷 France Transportation equip. $949M
Massachusetts 🇨🇳 China Machinery $1,298M
Michigan 🇨🇳 China Transportation equip. $15,361M
Minnesota 🇨🇦 Canada Petroleum & Coal $2,787M
Mississippi 🇵🇦 Panama Petroleum & Coal $2,106M
Missouri 🇨🇦 Canada Transportation equip. $2,390M
Montana 🇨🇦 Canada Minerals $153M
Nebraska 🇲🇽 Mexico Agricultural $933M
Nevada 🇨🇭 Switzerland Metal $1,399M
New Hampshire 🇩🇪 Germany Transportation equip. $695M
New Jersey 🇨🇦 Canada Chemicals $2,734M
New Mexico 🇲🇽 Mexico Computer & Electronics $2,014M
New York 🇨🇭 Switzerland Metal $18,262M
North Carolina 🇨🇳 China Chemicals $4,312M
North Dakota 🇨🇦 Canada Petroleum & Coal $1,441M
Ohio 🇨🇦 Canada Transportation equip. $5,990M
Oklahoma 🇨🇦 Canada Machinery $418M
Oregon 🇨🇳 China Computer & Electronics $6,261M
Pennsylvania 🇨🇦 Canada Chemicals $2,280M
Rhode Island 🇮🇹 Italy Waste & Scrap $321M
South Carolina 🇩🇪 Germany Transportation equip. $3,774M
South Dakota 🇨🇦 Canada Processed Foods $297M
Tennessee 🇨🇦 Canada Transportation equip. $2,017M
Texas 🇲🇽 Mexico Petroleum & Coal $33,627M
Utah 🇬🇧 UK Metal $6,805M
Vermont 🇹🇼 Taiwan Computer & Electronics $447M
Virginia 🇮🇳 India Minerals $1,799M
Washington 🇨🇳 China Agricultural $10,553M
West Virginia 🇮🇳 India Minerals $657M
Wisconsin 🇨🇦 Canada Machinery $1,802M
Wyoming 🇮🇩 Indonesia Chemicals $200M

When it comes to the types of exports, transportation equipment emerges as the primary source for the majority of states, with minerals and ores, chemicals, and computer and electronics following closely behind.

For instance, North Carolina ships $4.3 billion worth of chemicals to China, marking one of the longest-distance trade flows among states. Meanwhile, Florida boasts one of the most diverse export portfolios, engaging in trade with Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

Louisiana heavily relies on the export of agricultural products to China, which contributes significantly to its total GDP. Similarly, Michigan’s transportation equipment exports to Canada constitute a noteworthy portion of the state’s GDP.

In Oregon, exports of semiconductors and other computer parts to China, driven by companies like Intel and Micron, play a crucial role in the state’s economy. Meanwhile, Utah predominantly exports primary metal manufacturing goods to the United Kingdom.

The biggest exporter in the country, Texas, sees a significant portion of its GDP attributed to exports to Mexico, further underlining the state’s economic ties with its southern neighbor.

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