Ratio’d | Another church arson attack in Canada
Ratio’d | Another church arson attack in Canada

On Friday an arsonist set fire to the Blessed Sacrament Parish Catholic church in Regina, Saskatchewan. The 118-year-old historic church became the 97th church in Canada to be attacked since the false claims of bodies in mass graves at the sites of former Indian Residential Schools began circulating throughout Canada’s mainstream media in 2021. Thankfully the church was saved by first responders but the entire attack was caught on video and posted to social media.

The federal government it appears doesn’t want anything to do with this story. Despite close to 100 churches being attacked in Canada, the government have refused to open a formal inquiry.

Do you think the response would be the same if 97 mosques or synogogues had been attacked in this way?

To make matters worse, the CBC couldn’t bring themselves to even write a story about the latest attack in Saskatchewan. Justifying the church burnings seems to be more of a priority for the state-broadcaster.

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