Ratio’d | Why are they doing this to Canada’s military?
Ratio’d | Why are they doing this to Canada’s military?

To add insult to injury for the low-morale and undermanned Canadian Armed Forces, last week the Canadian Military Journal, the official publication of the Department of National Defence, demeaned white soldiers as upholding “colonialism” and “white supremacy” in the CAF. It went even further to attack military families for enforcing the “patriarchy.” The majority of CAF members are white men, so it makes you wonder what the end goal here really is.

Soldiers also have to put up with the constant humiliation of having tampon dispensers inside male washrooms. Some soldiers, however, aren’t having it and they’re taking matters into their own hands by removing the dispensers. It’s the least they could do.

All of this explains why recruitment numbers continue to dwindle and why budget cuts from the Trudeau government continue unabated. The once feared and celebrated Canadian military is being undermined and attacked from within.

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