Far-left protesters descend on Davos as global leaders meet for World Economic Forum
Far-left protesters descend on Davos as global leaders meet for World Economic Forum

As the World Economic Forum annual meeting kicks off in Davos, Switzerland, a large group of far-left protesters began their trek to the alpine resort village to voice grievances ranging from anti-Israel complaints to demands for climate justice.

The protesters, who belong to various movements such as Strike WEF, Young Socialists Switzerland and Group for a Switzerland without an army, are expected to join a demonstration in central Davos on Sunday afternoon. 

Strike WEF has circumvented a ban on demonstrations on the main road to Davos and embarked on a hike from the nearby town of Klosters using backroads.

The group says it is protesting against the “global elite” who attend the WEF and their role in perpetuating inequality, fascism and ecological destruction. 

They also express solidarity with various causes such as the Israel-Hamas war, LGBTQ rights and Antifa.

Strike WEF posted photos of the march on Instagram. Protesters headed for Davos carried signs reading “fuck capitalism” and “there is no justice in capitalism.”

Another video clip showed protesters chanting “free, free Palestine” while holding a banner that reads “no climate justice on occupied land.”  

On social media, the group posted photos showing them carrying Pride and Palestinian flags.

The WEF, which brings together political, business and civil society leaders from around the world, is expected to see hundreds of delegates speak under the theme of “Rebuilding Trust.” 

True North will provide on-the-ground exclusive coverage for the entire duration of the World Economic Forum. 

The Swiss authorities have deployed a heavy security presence in and around Davos, with up to 5,000 military personnel authorized by parliament to assist the local police. They have also set up checkpoints and barricades to prevent unauthorized access to the conference venue.

Among the high-profile attendees of this year’s WEF are Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, French President Emmanuel Macron.

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