By: Gregory Staley

Written On: 12-30-2023

Sometimes those that say they’re there to help are really the ones working towards your demise.

In the case of the Freedom Convoy, the convoy’s self-proclaimed spokesperson Tom Marazzo wrote in his book “The Peoples Emergency Act” that the deal he helped broker with Ottawa city police (later became an agreement with the city of Ottawa) put Freedom Convoy protesters at risk of being kettled by police – which consequently led to protesters being beaten in Canada’s capital city.

I informed them that the police wanted us to move out of the Rideau and Sussex intersection and that we were going to try to do that if possible, in exchange for moving them further West onto Wellington.”

Tom Marazzo’s book “The Peoples Emergency Act” pg.152

Marazzo, the former Ontario Party politician, wrote in his book that “there had always been concern” that moving trucks from the intersections of Sussex and Rideau onto Wellington street “weakened” the protesters position.

He wrote that he, “had considered that, in the very first hours of being in Ottawa.” He concluded his thought on the matter by stating that “from a tactical strategy” it was a “weaker position in terms of the POU (Public Order Unit) doing their kettling operation” and that this would make it easier for the police to round up the protesters.

This is a complete departure from what Mr. Marazzo wrote earlier in his book when he stated that he “wasn’t thinking about the tactics of being on Wellington.” So why the back and forth flip flopping? Why did they move forward with their deal with the city of Ottawa?

In short, the push to move trucks onto Wellington by Marazzo and company made it easier for police to round up protesters and beat them in the streets of Canada’s capital city. Worst of all, Tom Marazzo and company knew this and pushed for the deal anyways.

Start video at 1 minute 28 seconds

In his book Tom wrote that he did this because he thought that protesters “had to be parked right on the doorstep of Parliament” so they couldn’t be ignored. He believed that this would eventually lead to the government talking to them.

The irony of this statement is that Mr. Marazzo completely contradicts himself and once again flip flops in his testimony before the governments commission into the use of the Emergencies Act on protesters in Ottawa.

You see, In Mr. Marazzo’s testimony on his involvement at the Freedom Convoy he told Judge Rouleau that he didn’t want to meet with the city.

When questioned about his desire to meet with the city of Ottawa’s manager Steve Kanellakos, Mr. Marazzo told the court that he “actually didn’t” want to meet with the city manager in spite of video evidence showing that he in fact did call for a meeting with the city of Ottawa during the convoy.

Start video at 50 seconds into the video…

Tom Marazzo in a press conference Feb 7th 2022

So what’s the takeaway here? We need to ask why a person who knowingly made it easier for the police to kettle and beat protesters in Canada’s capital city hasn’t been scrutinized by the alleged independent media here in Canada. For instance, why has no one brought up the inconvenient fact that the Conservative tied group known as Taking Back Our Freedoms claims Tom Marazzo was the spokesperson of their convoy?

The group known as TBOF, was run by George Bears and Roy Beyers – both former political strategist for Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. There will be more on this group and their involvement at the Freedom Convoy in future articles.

In closing, if you supported the Freedom Convoy – shouldn’t you be adamant about calling out bad actors?

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