Clinton-Appointed Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Ban on Gender Transition For Children

Clinton-Appointed Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Ban on Gender Transition For Children

A leftist Federal Judge in Idaho interfered with the protection of children by blocking a new state law to prevent gender transitions for minors.

The law was supposed to go into effect on January 1st, but was struck down by Judge B. Lynn Winmill, who was appointed by President Clinton.

Winmill misguidedly said that parents have a right to allow their children to transition.

Washington Examiner reported:

A federal judge in Idaho issued a block on a state law that would ban gender transitions for children before it was set to go into effect Jan. 1.

The law, which made it a felony to transition children medically, was struck down by District Judge B. Lynn Winmill, an appointee of President Bill Clinton, who claimed parents have the right to transition their children.

“Transgender children should receive equal treatment under the law,” Winmill wrote in the decision. “Parents should have the right to make the most fundamental decisions about how to care for their children.”

“Time and again, these cases illustrate that the Fourteenth Amendment’s primary role is to protect disfavored minorities and preserve our fundamental rights from legislative overreach,” the judge continued. “That was true for newly freed slaves following the civil war. It was true in the 20th Century for women, people of color, inter-racial couples, and individuals seeking access to contraception. And it is no less true for transgender children and their parents in the 21st Century.” Washington Examiner reported.

The judge cited the Fourteenth Amendment as her reason to allow children to transition. The judge appears to incorrectly apply this to include children who are making permanent life altering decisions which has nothing to do with civil rights.

Freeing slaves hardly compares to allowing misguided parents to destroy their children’s lives in the name of tolerance. She claimed the new law would violate the equal protection clause stated in the Fourteenth Amendment.

In April, Idaho’s Republican Governor Brad Little signed a new law called the Vulnerable Child Protection Act. This would outlaw transition drugs and transgender surgeries for minors. It also calls for fines and serious prison time for doctors who violate the law.

After the Bill was signed into law, it was challenged by two families in a lawsuit that have transgender teenagers. Their cases were taken up by the ACLU.

Other states have had similar laws banning gender transition for children struck down by far-left federal judges.

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