President Trump Goes There… Joe Biden ‘is a Manchurian Candidate’ (Video)

President Trump Goes There… Joe Biden ‘is a Manchurian Candidate’ (Video)

President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden for his weak response to the continued attacks by Iranian-backed groups on US forces in the Middle East.

There have been over 100 attacks on US forces in the Middle East since the October 7, 2023, attack by Hamas on southern Israel.

Trump went on to suggest Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate!

Considering Joe Biden is owned by the Chinese and Ukrainians, among others, Trump’s accusation clearly rings true.

President Trump: So last night, a young soldier was killed. Us, and the two were very badly hurt. And nobody even talks about it. It’s not even believable. They have 129 attacks or something like that on our troops in the Middle East, 129 over the last few weeks, and we don’t even do anything about it.

This president is incompetent. He has no clue. And he’s probably a manchurian candidate. He’s probably totally compromised. He accepts money from so many countries.

So maybe he accepted money from these countries, so he doesn’t want to do anything about it, because they know more than any accountant is going to be able to find out. But he is a manchurian candidate, and how can he allow. So we had a soldier killed last night, two horrifically wounded, and that’s going to be just the beginning of it. They don’t respect him and they just are doing whatever they want to do. But now Iran, if you look at it now, Iran has $200 billion that they made on oil, not to mention the $6 billion.

As you know, they made $6 billion on the hostage deal. And they also made $10 billion on electricity to Iraq. 10 billion. But that’s not even the big number. The big number is what they’re making on the oil, because all of these countries that weren’t buying when I was president, they wouldn’t have bought.

Video via John Solomon Reports and Midnight Rider.

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