Hamas leader thanks Canada for Trudeau’s call for a ceasefire
Hamas leader thanks Canada for Trudeau’s call for a ceasefire

A senior Hamas leader has thanked Canada for calling for a ceasefire as Israel continues its ongoing operations against the Islamist terror group. 

Dr. Ghazi Hamad said in a statement that he appreciated the “positive stance” of the Canadian government and its allies, Australia and New Zealand, who urged both sides to resume the ceasefire that was briefly achieved last week.

In the statement, which was published on Wednesday by the Palestine Info Center and translated into English, Hamad said that he was delighted to see the “growing cause by several Western governments” for a ceasefire. 

“In addition to the other calls worldwide demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza strip, the last of which was a statement by Canada, Australia, and New Zealand backing sustainable ceasefire in Gaza,” said Hamad. 

“We welcome these developments and consider them in the right direction toward isolating the fascist Israeli government globally and ending the longest ever occupation in our modern time.”

Hamas’ deadly October 7 massacre killed more than 1,200 people and injured thousands more, including civilians.

The attack, which involved rockets, drones, and a ground assault, was the worst terrorist act against Israel in its history and sparked a fierce retaliation from the Israeli military.

Despite the United States’ opposition to Hamas, the terror group acknowledged the growing support from several Western governments urging an end to the aggression in Gaza, including from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. 

Canada, Australia, and New Zealand issued a joint statement last week, saying that they wanted to see the pause in hostilities resumed and supported urgent international efforts towards a “sustainable ceasefire.”

“The recent pause in hostilities allowed for the release of more than 100 hostages and supported an increase in humanitarian access to affected civilians,” the statement said.

“We want to see this pause resumed and support urgent international efforts towards a sustainable ceasefire.”

This marked the first time the Canadian government officially used the term “ceasefire” in relation to the conflict. Additionally, Canada voted in favour of a United Nations’ non-binding motion which singled out Israel and called for a ceasefire at the General Assembly last week. 

During a recent session at the United Nations, the Israeli government presented evidence of atrocities committed by Hamas militants during the October 7 attack, including rape and mutilation. 

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