Ratio’d | The Marxist PURGE of Canadian culture and history
Ratio’d | The Marxist PURGE of Canadian culture and history

On Friday, socialist mayor of Toronto Olivia Chow, with the backing of a majority of city councillors, voted to erase any mention of Henry Dundas in Toronto, a Scottish abolitionist from the 17th century. This includes the renaming of two transit stations, the entirety of Dundas street and most controversial, the renaming of Yonge-Dundas Square to “Sankofa Square” — a word from the Akan tribe in Ghana who were prolific slave traders.

The facts don’t matter to cultural Marxists who are committed to erasing the entirety of Canadian history. They will side step the truth on their quest to convince you that Canada is a country built on slavery and racism. The constant statue toppling, renaming and historical purging is designed demoralize you and to beat any pride of Canada out of you.

The sooner we all realize what is really going on, the better.

Harrison Faulkner is joined by Jennifer Dundas, a former crown prosecutory and journalist and a relative of Henry Dundas to debunk the lies about him.

Check out The Henry Dundas Committee of Ontario

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