Chrystia Freeland “definitely running in the next election” amid Liberal freefall in polls
Chrystia Freeland “definitely running in the next election” amid Liberal freefall in polls

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland confirmed her plans to run in the next federal election – and even predicted a Liberal win.

Freeland, who has been a member of Parliament since 2013 and a member of Trudeau’s cabinet since 2015, deflected questions about her ambitions for the Liberal party’s leadership. 

“I am focused first and foremost on supporting Canadians right now,” Freeland said in an interview with CTV

Recent polling by Ipsos shows that 72% of Canadians think Trudeau should step down as party leader. Even 33% of Canadians who plan to vote Liberal want Trudeau to step down, up from 28% in September. Of all potential replacements, Freeland received the most positive reviews in the poll.

Freeland sidestepped the question but said the Liberals can “absolutely” win the next election. 

“I am also absolutely supporting our Prime Minister, who is leading our team – doing a really, really great job,” she added. 

Freeland said that while journalists never believe her, her focus is not on the polls but her neighbours. 

“When you are put by your fellow Canadians in a position like mine, your job is to wake up every day and think, what are the problems people have? And what can I try to do today to make it better? That’s what I focus on,” said Freeland. 

Throughout the interview, Freeland discussed the economic challenges being faced by Canadians. She said that in her personal life, the thing that brings the challenge home to her most is that her church has a food bank every Wednesday, where the lines have been getting longer. True North previously reported that food banks across Canada were near a breaking point. 

Facing questions about her political future after a decade in office, speculation had arisen about Freeland possibly pursuing an international role post-politics. However, when queried about these prospects, she firmly stated her intention to continue her political career in Canada.

“I’m definitely running in the next election. Up to my neighbours to decide whether I get re-elected,” Freeland said. 

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