Obama Judge Forbid Rudy Giuliani From Defending Himself Against Charges – Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out on War Room (VIDEO)

Obama Judge Forbid Rudy Giuliani From Defending Himself Against Charges – Rudy Giuliani Speaks Out on War Room (VIDEO)

On Friday a Washington DC jury ruled that Rudy Giuliani owed plaintiffs Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss $148 million in their lawsuit against him. The two Georgia election workers alleged defamation after Rudy previously claimed the two women contributed to voter fraud in Georgia’s 2020 election.

At the time of the 2020 election, the two women made little money. Shaye Moss’s annual salary was reportedly about $35,000 as an interim supervisor at the elections department. However, one document from the plaintiff’s exhibits showed that Moss’s pre-tax income was $259,000 during at least one of the years since the 2020 election. Freeman and Moss were elevated to the level of heroes in the mainstream media after the election and by Joe Biden earlier this year when he awarded them both Presidential Citizens Medals for their “exemplary contributions to our democracy surrounding January 6, 2021.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on the shocking news that the DC jury awarded Ruby and Shaye $100 million more than their attorneys asked for. The $148 million total will be split between the mother and daughter.

On Friday night, Giuliani told The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson, “My next steps are going to be to appeal it.” He continued, “It is going to take a while because there’s so much to appeal.”

This morning Mayor Giuliani joined Steve Bannon on The War Room. Rudy told Steve that Obama-nominated Judge Beryl Howell forbid Rudy from defending himself in her courtroom. How is this allowed in America?

There’s more. The women are represented by top east coast lawyers.

Rudy Giuliani: The case was brought in DC rather than in Georgia. The case was brought by an associate of Hunter Biden and a person who represented Burisma, the crooked oil company that paid the bribes to the Bidens. So it was obviously a Biden case. These two so called poor woman had about a $10 million legal group.

Rudy on Obama-appointed Judge Beryl Howell.

Rudy Giuliani: I can tell you that this is an absurd verdict of $148,000,000. And the case was even more absurd than the verdict because it wasn’t a case that anybody would recognize who is an American or English lawyer. I never put on a defense. I was never allowed to put on a defense. The judge found me guilty, liable based on failure to turn over several documents after turning over thousands, none of which have a bearing on liability, but maybe on the ability to pay.

I’ve never heard of a case like that where a judge finds liability based on the failure to turn over tangentially relevant documents. But that’s who the judge is. The judge is Beryl Howell. She was the chief judge. She’s the judge who intervened because she felt that January 6 defendants weren’t getting enough time in jail, which was unethical, unusual, and displayed a great bias. She’s made comments making it clear that she considers Donald Trump and those around him a danger to the republic, including me. Recently, she made a speech right in the middle of this case, I think, or right shortly before betraying her biases.

And all throughout the case, she didn’t conduct a trial. She conducted an inquisition to cut out every defense that I had. First, I couldn’t defend myself on whether I had committed libel or not, wasn’t allowed to put in the videotapes of them doing what I said they did, which I could have demonstrated to the jury. I couldn’t call witnesses who would support what I said. I couldn’t put documents on and reports from credible sources that said that fraud took place there. How am I going to defend myself? Then she decides we’re going to have a trial just on damages. So once again, I want to put these things in to show that I didn’t damage them. I put in no evidence I wasn’t allowed to. And when I said I would take the stand, she said to be very careful because she had already ruled that I was lying based on documents I didn’t turn over, that she never saw, and that she could hold me in contempt. And I know she has a propensity to put Trump people in jail, even for longer periods of time than the prosecutors recommend. And she was sending me a clear signal that if she didn’t agree with what I said, I might very well go into jail.

Watch the entire video below.

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