Budget Deficit in San Francisco Forces City to Eliminate ‘Office of Reparations’

Budget Deficit in San Francisco Forces City to Eliminate ‘Office of Reparations’

The city of San Francisco has been forced to scrap their office of reparations due to a budget deficit.

Like many blue cities in the United States, San Francisco is spending a fortune on services for the homeless and other social issues. Additionally, the city is losing revenue due to business closures related to high crime and high taxes.

People who thought they were going to cash in on reparations are out of luck for now.

Breitbart News reports:

Budget Deficit Forces San Francisco to Eliminate Reparations Office

A crushing budget deficit has forced San Francisco Mayor London Breed to eliminate the budget of the Office of Reparations, which was considering lavish payouts to long-term black residents of the city, though it never practiced or allowed slavery.

The city’s budget deficit exploded to $780 million earlier this year, amid San Francisco’s struggle to recover from strict coronavirus closures and restrictions. An exodus of work-from-home residents and taxpayers, coupled with a rise in crime, outdoor drug abuse, and homelessness, also chased away retail businesses.

Despite these challenges, as Breitbart News reported, San Francisco leaders were considering reparations for long-term black residents, and were floating sums in the range of $5 million, though these were not based on any precise mathematical calculations.

More from the San Francisco Examiner:

San Francisco’s first-ever Office of Reparations is among the programs gutted by Mayor London Breed’s budget cuts.

Funding for the office, which was set to launch this year, was erased as part of Breed’s $75 million cuts to the The City budget in preparation for a major deficit in 2024.

Though it’s just one of several planned programs that will no longer be funded, the Office of Reparations is noteworthy because its establishment came after a widely followed, yearslong process that ended in accepting a reparations plan.

The decision to pull back funding comes after Supervisor Shamann Walton fought to secure money in the budget for the office earlier this year.

Though he called the cuts “disheartening” in a statement to The Examiner, Walton didn’t dispute the mayor’s logic behind the reductions as The City faces a prolonged economic reckoning.

There was a point where this panel was actually pushing for $5 million per black adult.

That is not going to happen.

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