The Candice Malcolm Show | Trudeau votes for HAMAS
The Candice Malcolm Show | Trudeau votes for HAMAS

Justin Trudeau and the Government of Canada voted in support of Hamas at the United Nations on Tuesday.

Breaking with Canada’s long-standing support for Israel, Trudeau has stabbed Jewish Canadians in the back and is now calling for Israel to lay down its weapons and more or less surrender to Hamas.

Make no mistake: voting for a ceasefire is support for Hamas. It’s a call for Israel to stop its campaign to destroy Hamas, which will allow the terrorist organization to regroup and start planning more attacks. It’s a vote to give up on the remaining hostages and to simply go back to the way things were on Oct 6th.

Why did Trudeau do this, and how could he be so unprincipled?

The answer is simple: It’s transactional. It’s all about votes.

On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice breaks it all down and explains how Trudeau’s cynical vote-banking schemes aren’t just damaging our stature on the world stage – they’re tearing apart the fabric of our country.


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