FULL VIDEO… Tucker on Twitter #46 with the Legend Alex Jones – Too Hot to Miss! …New World Order, Elections, Depopulation and More!
FULL VIDEO… Tucker on Twitter #46 with the Legend Alex Jones – Too Hot to Miss! …New World Order, Elections, Depopulation and More!
Tucker on Twitter #46 with Alex Jones in studio

Tucker Carlson released Episode #46 of Tucker on Twitter on Thursday night with the great Alex Jones.

Tucker Carlson sat with Alex Jones for an hour-and-a-half to discuss his his career, his famous day of de-platforming, and The New World Order.

Tucker included timestamps for reference.

2:46 Alex Jones predictions
15:07 Deplatforming
21:59 Dividing us on race
25:37 The border
28:09 Austin
32:12 New World Order
42:09 Brian Stelter demon video
50:57 Depopulation
1:07:51 Food
1:13:51 Whiskey
1:16:22 Presidential election

Alex Jones had this to say about the Klaus Schwab globalist elites and their plan for the average man.

Alex Jones: Klaus Schwab says, we’re going to make the world collapse. We’re going to have everybody turn against each other. We’re going to blame the political classes that we own and control. And then when we’re done, we’ll bring in our new solution. But first, they have to demolish the cultures and societies that we had before with the fentanyl, with the open borders, with the demoralization. And then they bring in their next phase, which is a high tech, capsule society, robot drone controlled nightmare. More than half of the US in their official UN maps that they’ve had for more than 25 years. They’re in. Some of my first films show half the US off limits to humans. All cars left to have GPS, everybody by law left to have a cell phone at all times. Australia just did this last year, tried to push it through. And that’s the admitted global UN standardized plan where you don’t leave your house without a cell phone. Every car is robot kill switch, GPS controlled. California is moving to ban all the, quote, classic cars. That’s any car that doesn’t have a digital ignition. And they admit it’s for control. So if people think things are bad now, the straitjacket, the ball and chain is going on, it’s all being militarily run.

Alex Jones on depopulation:

Alex Jones: But the globalists have gone from testing phase, beta test phase into full operational now. And they say, read their writings, we are going to have a post industrial world by 2030. We will have no personal cars by 2030. You will be eating bugs by 2030, and we will start the depopulation of 90% of the people by 2045. That is the official WEF, official UN, official Club of Rome Plan…

…We’re told now don’t have children as bad as the Earth. And we’re told all this. And Elon Musk is right. And as a hero for pointing out, all the actuaries show, if you don’t have 2.1 children, a man and a woman, people go, well, a man and woman can have 2.1. It’s in the aggregate, folks, out of billions. If a country doesn’t have 2.1 at 2.2 replacement rate, then you don’t have people to take care of the old folks. Society collapses. And so Japan’s 1.3, Italy is 1.3. They’re done as cultures, America without immigrant influx is about 1.6. That’s not viable. And I’m not just talking about white people only here, but white people are 7% of the world population, maybe eight. And so I would be sad if the last of the Eskimos were dying. I’m sad that the Japanese, within 100 years, there might be 20 million of them.

Alex Jones on the 2020 election and the deep state targeting Trump – what’s next?

Alex Jones: He’s got 60% against all other Republicans. He’s 15-20 points ahead of Biden. It’s backfired, but the deep state is not going to stop him. So when you said to Trump several times in that 400 million views or whatever interview, you got biggest show ever, you said to him, well, isn’t the next thing, I’m trying to kill you? And he’s so confident. He doesn’t want to think about that.

Tucker Carlson: He doesn’t want to think about it.

Alex Jones: Whereas I admire someone that’s that confident. The deep state does kill people, and that’s their only next move because this is failing. And I think they’re going to kill Biden, too, or I think they’re going to try to. What you said in a speech again, before the last one I talked about like a month ago, you said, I don’t see Biden and Trump being the candidates. You see the system, the media going after Biden, and he deserves it. But they were covering it up until now. Now they’re covering the laptop. Now they’re covering attack on the dog. Now they know all about his senility, all the corruption, the Chinese spies hacking.

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