BREAKING: Henry Kissinger Dead at 100

BREAKING: Henry Kissinger Dead at 100

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has passed away.

He was 100 years old.

Excerpt from NBC News:

Henry Kissinger, the toweringly influential former secretary of state who earned a reputation as a sagacious diplomat but drew international condemnation and accusations of war crimes for his key role in widening the American presence in Vietnam and the U.S. bombing of Cambodia, died Wednesday.

He was 100.

Kissinger, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany, reached the pinnacle of the American political establishment and in turn became an unlikely household name. He was secretary of state and national security adviser under two Republican presidents, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, and advised powerful leaders in both American political parties for decades.

Kissinger’s detractors denounced him for the central part he played in expanding U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, bringing a wide-scale bombing campaign to Cambodia and supporting brutal regimes in Argentina, Chile, Indonesia and Pakistan. Kissinger’s most vociferous opponents labeled him a war criminal, and some called on him to face charges at the Hague.

Henry Kissinger fought to usher in the New World Order right up until his death.

During the Covid pandemic, Kissinger called for a New Post-Covid World Order in an opinion piece at the Wall Street Journal.

Steve Bannon ripped into Henry Kissinger for his ties to the CCP after the former secretary of state published the op-ed.

“We do not need to hear from you about the liberal world order. You’re guilty sir. You think you have blood on your hands for the bombings back in the Vietnam War?” Bannon said on The War Room in April 2020.

Bannon continued, “You have blood on your hands for this. You have been the mouthpiece and the prop for these people from the beginning. You propped up the Chinese Party and not just that you took the blood money from them. You’ve been paid for decades by the Chinese Communist Party. It’s all gonna come out. All the Wall Street guys in business with them, all the corporatists in business with them, all the think tank guys in business with them, taking blood money?”

“It’s all coming out!… The world is going to stand in judgement of you. Because you’re just as bad as the devils, in fact you’re worse. Because you didn’t even believe in the ideology. You believed in the money,” Bannon warned.

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