Uber expands services to household tasks, launches pilot in Alberta and Florida
Uber expands services to household tasks, launches pilot in Alberta and Florida

In a move to diversify its revenue sources, Uber has announced the launch of a TaskRabbit-like service, initially testing in Edmonton, Alberta, and Fort Myers, Florida. 

This initiative, named Uber Tasks, is part of Uber’s strategy to extend its offerings beyond traditional ride-hailing and delivery services.

The pilot program will enable users of the Uber app to hire individuals for various household tasks. These tasks range from furniture assembly, in-home laundry, lawn mowing, snow removal, packing and unpacking, holiday decorating, yard cleanup, and garden maintenance.

The launch of Uber Tasks in a Canadian city signifies Uber’s commitment to expanding its market reach and services in Canada.

Edmonton’s selection as a test market is influenced by factors that make it appealing to U.S. businesses entering the Canadian market, as reported by CBC. These include Edmonton’s demographic makeup, affordability, and a less saturated market than larger cities like Toronto and Vancouver. 

An Uber spokesperson highlighted the program’s flexibility for drivers and couriers to earn according to their own schedule. 

“We’re always thinking about how to bring people more ways to earn with Uber,” said an Uber spokesperson, according to Bloomberg.

This initiative allows app users to access a wider range of services while providing drivers and couriers new opportunities to utilize their skills.

The program’s introduction follows Uber’s recent report of slow revenue growth, marking its slowest in ten quarters.

By competing with established household task services like TaskRabbit and Angi, Uber aims to bolster its financial performance and offer comprehensive solutions to its customers.

Drivers and couriers opting into the program will have visibility on estimated earnings before committing to a task. 

“This small pilot is the newest way for drivers and couriers to put their skills to work and earn on their own schedule,” said an Uber spokesperson.

As per the September report by Bloomberg News, this move is a strategic step for Uber to sustain its profitability and expand its service and tourism offerings in domestic and international markets.

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