Unlicenced Calgary catering company at centre of E. coli outbreak charged
Unlicenced Calgary catering company at centre of E. coli outbreak charged

The catering company at the centre of an E. coli outbreak in Calgary daycares has been charged for operating without a licence.

The City of Calgary has charged Fueling Minds and its two directors for operating without a Food Services Business Licence, according to a statement released by the city. 

Fueling Minds was providing a third party school lunch delivery service to five Calgary childcare centres.

The directors and company face 12 charges, and could be on the hook for $120,000 in fines if convicted.

The City of Calgary’s investigation began after it received a complaint through its 311 service from a citizen.

”We would like to thank that person for reaching out to us. We must help protect the health and safety of all Calgarians,” said the deputy chief of business safety, Michael Briegel. 

Licences for commercial daycare centres that include food preparation or food service are not issued by the City of Calgary and can only be issued by the Provincial government. 

The City of Calgary does require a business licence for food services catered by a third parties, however. Prior to receiving the licence, the business must undergo a health inspection, fire inspection and land use approvals. 

“It is of utmost importance that businesses in Calgary have the proper licences in order to ensure a safer environment for Calgarians and the employees who work at such locations,” said Briegel. 

“While the vast majority of businesses do comply, those that don’t could be putting people at risk. The City of Calgary takes this very seriously.” 

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