Jann Arden boycotts WestJet for allowing Poilievre to use PA to joke with passengers
Jann Arden boycotts WestJet for allowing Poilievre to use PA to joke with passengers

Jann Arden announced she will be boycotting WestJet after the Calgary-based airline let Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre speak using the PA system on a flight to Calgary on Monday. 

Poilievre was on a flight from Quebec City to Calgary Sunday, which WestJet added to its schedule to accommodate delegates to this past weekend’s Conservative Party of Canada convention.

Arden is a singer-songwriter from Alberta best known for her musical output in the 1990s. She has been outspoken in her views on social media regarding subjects like politics, vaccine mandates and animal rights. 

A Conservative convention delegate on board while Poilievre made his remarks posted a video to X.

“It’s not everyday you get a speech like this on a plane. @PierrePoilievre on our flight to Calgary,” wrote Jennifer Laewetz, who goes by @JenniferElle_ on X.

Arden reposted the video writing, “Hey @WestJet you and I will not be doing business ever again. This is so ridiculously disappointing.”

Poilievre was given the PA system to make some comments and jokes with the passengers.

“Who’s ready for a home you can afford?” Poilievre asked flight passengers, who responded with cheers and clapping.

“Who’s ready for some common sense? Who’s ready to give a big thank you to the WestJet pilots and crew?” 

“This is your captain’s warning, a little bit of turbulence but it will only last about two years,” joked Poilievre, prompting a big laugh from the passengers. 

“At which time we’ll have a totally new crew and pilot in charge of the plane. We’ll pierce through the storm, safely land in our home, in the country we know and love. Your home, my home, our home. Let’s bring it home.” concluded Poilievre, receiving applause before handing the PA system back over to the flight attendant. 

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