Less than 20% of federally funded EV charging stations are operational
Less than 20% of federally funded EV charging stations are operational

The Trudeau government has funded over 43,000 electric vehicle charging stations since 2016, but today less than one in five of them are actually operational. 

Data recently published by the Department of Natural Resources revealed that under 20% of the electric vehicle chargers that were funded under the federal government’s two largest EV infrastructure programs are currently available for use. 

Despite the lack of success with these programs, Energy Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced more funding for EV chargers was on the way while speaking in Quebec City on Wednesday. 

The current electric car charging program plans to add another 1,500 chargers in Quebec, which will cost another $25 million. 

Both of the federal EV charging programs have an investment of $768 million dollars with the goal of having 90,000 chargers installed by 2027. 

The combined programs are responsible for about one-third of the 23,000 charging stations currently operational but another 35,000 that were given funding have yet to be installed or if they were, aren’t working. 

Data conducted by research firm Dunsky Energy and Climate indicates that another 52,000 chargers will likely need to be installed by 2025 and an additional 200,000 by 2030 in order to match the national sales targets required to get more electric vehicles in use. 

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