Convicted sex offender who lived at autistic childcare centre released from jail – again
Convicted sex offender who lived at autistic childcare centre released from jail – again

A convicted sex offender who lived at a childcare centre for kids with autism before he was arrested in July was released on bail on Friday.

This is the second time 42-year-old Lauriston Charles Maloney has been released from jail despite a lengthy list of criminal charges – including charges related to trafficking minors for sex. 

Mark Ruffolo, the sex offender’s lawyer, argued that his client hadn’t had a previous offence since 2013 and alleged that his charges were more suited to be settled in a labour court. 

Justice Douglas Conley, who is presiding over the case, disagreed with both of Ruffolo’s claims, stating that human trafficking is not akin to a labour dispute and that Maloney’s 2013 charges were of a similar nature. 

Despite this, Conley granted Maloney bail with conditions. Maloney will be required to wear an ankle bracelet and reside in Brampton with his father as part of his conditions. 

Maloney’s next scheduled court date is Sept. 14 in Bradford, Ont.

In July, Maloney was arrested and co-charged with two counts of assault, trafficking in a person, receiving material benefit resulting from trafficking a person and forcible confinement.

The charges have not yet been proven in court.

Lauriston Maloney and his wife Amber Maloney lived at a childcare centre for kids with autism. Upon Maloney’s initial release from jail, the Ontario Provincial Police warned residents of Essa Township that he had “regular access” to children. 

Despite Maloney denying the OPP’s claim, text messages obtained by True North contradict his claims to the media.

Laureli Barrett, who is a parent that sent her child to the camp, shared a text message conversation with a number that belongs to Maloney’s contracting business, High Class Renovations & Construction, in which the person on the other end of the line offers to drive the child home. 

Earlier this week, Amber Maloney was also released on bail and is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 14 in Bradford.

The childcare centre has since been closed. 

The alleged victim in the charges had not attended the Beating the Odds day camp, according to police. 

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