July 2023 Marked 48 Straight Months of Record Gun Sales in the U.S.

July 2023 Marked 48 Straight Months of Record Gun Sales in the U.S.

Gun sales do not seem to be affected by the Biden economy or the inflation that has come with it. July of this year marked 48 straight months of record gun sales.

People are obviously concerned about crime, but one of the other things driving this is the constant threat of greater gun control from Democrats.

People used to call Obama the world’s greatest gun salesman, but this trend has continued even with him out of office.

The Washington Examiner reports:

No pause in gun sales, record 48 million over four years

The end of July marked the latest record in United States firearms sales — 48 straight months of one million or more gun purchases.

The just released FBI tally of background checks showed another sky-high number of 1,987,650, down a bit from July 2022, but still more than 19 of the other 24 years the system has been in operation.

When adjusted just for likely sales of firearms, it was 1,023,903.

“July 2023 marks the 48th month in a row, 4 years, that has exceeded 1 million adjusted background checks in a single month,” said the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade group for the industry.

Mark Oliva, the NSSF spokesman, said the long stretch of likely gun sales is unlike anything the nation has ever seen and has been fueled by politics and safety.

“This is a remarkable milestone of four continuous years of over 1 million background checks for the sale of a firearm. That’s no small achievement and is indicative of the strong and sustained appetite for law-abiding Americans to take ownership of their Second Amendment rights,” Oliva said.

This is good for national security and America’s founders knew this.

Any foreign force stupid enough to invade the United States would be met by a population that is armed to the teeth.

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