Jagmeet Singh accuses heckler of homophobia after drive-by insult
Jagmeet Singh accuses heckler of homophobia after drive-by insult

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh accused a heckler of homophobia during a press conference after somebody shouted expletives during a drive-by exchange.

Videos show Singh being interrupted by a man in a truck who yelled at the NDP leader, alluding to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The audio in the video is unclear, and difficult to determine what was said exactly. 

Singh immediately accused the man of homophobia.

“If you’re homophobic, you know, keep it to yourself. Your homophobia is very inappropriate,” said Singh. 

The man followed by calling Singh a “piece of sh*t,” to which Singh asked the man to come outside for a conversation. 

“You’re driving away… I’m right here, we can have a conversation if you’d like.” 

As soon as the truck drove away, Singh returned to his press conference. 

Both Trudeau and Singh have been beset upon by hecklers in recent months as they struggle to make gains in the polls. 

Last year, Singh fled an Ontario election event in Brampton after Sikh protesters confronted the NDP leader. 

“We’ve got questions,” said one protester. “Don’t sell out!”

Singh did not respond to the hecklers and was driven away in a black SUV. According to one Twitter user, the event organizers called the police on the protesters who were there to confront Singh. 

By far, Trudeau has faced the brunt of the outrage. Last month, the Prime Minister was chased out of an event in Belleville, Ontario by a crowd of angry protesters. 

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