Former NDP candidate accuses Singh of being Trudeau’s “lapdog,” throws support behind Poilievre
Former NDP candidate accuses Singh of being Trudeau’s “lapdog,” throws support behind Poilievre

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has been able to convince a former NDP candidate that he’s the best candidate to become Prime Minister.

According to the outlet SooToday, former Sault Ste. Marie NDP candidate Skip Morrison is now throwing his hat in with Poilievre after he accused Jagmeet Singh and the New Democrats of becoming “lapdogs” to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“I suspected at that time that Justin Trudeau was going to be a disaster for this country and I’ve watched the NDP become lapdogs to Trudeau with this so-called coalition support,” he told the outlet. 

“I don’t see the current NDP having any policies on anything. They’re simply trying to stay viable and anyone who supports Justin Trudeau’s government is doing a disservice to this country.”

Morrison also spoke out about the NDP’s failure to stand up to government overreach during the Freedom Convoy. 

“I’m seeing a constant erosion of individual freedoms,” Morrison said.

“That’s not just a cliche. The imposition of vaccine mandates and the absolute evil of seizing bank accounts that was done over a year ago ended any concept of the right of Canadians to own private property, and when your bank account can be seized simply because you make a donation to a cause that’s the end of private property rights in this country.”

Recent polls show Poilievre gaining popularity with groups that traditionally vote Liberal or NDP including young people and women voters. 

A survey by Abacus Data found that 32% of women would vote for Poilievre, meanwhile only 28% said the same of the Liberals and 23% said they would vote for the NDP. 

When it comes to Canadians aged 18 to 29, 31% of them said they would support the Conservatives if an election were to be held today. As for the NDP and Liberals, they are tied with 26% of support from that age group. 

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