The Ukrainian UAV was destroyed without causing any harm or damage, Sergey Sobyanin said

The Russian troops have destroyed a Ukrainian drone heading towards Moscow, the city’s mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, said in the early hours of Friday.

“There was an attempted attack by an enemy drone, which has been shot down,” Sobyanin wrote on his Telegram channel, adding that there was “no damage or casualties” from the overnight raid.

It is the second UAV attack on Moscow this week, after drones crashed into two non-residential buildings on Monday. 

Several UAVs were shot down or disabled earlier this month in the city’s southwestern suburbs.

Russian officials have condemned the raids as “acts of terrorism.”

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Russia recently began striking port infrastructure of Ukraine’s city of Odessa in response to a naval drone attack on a long bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia, which killed two people and injured a 14-year-old girl. Kiev accused Russia’s military of hitting civilian sites. The Russian Defense Ministry rejected this claim, stating that its troops were only striking military-linked targets.

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