Ratio’d | Trudeau’s Canada: Migrant tent cities take over Toronto
Ratio’d | Trudeau’s Canada: Migrant tent cities take over Toronto

A large group of asylum seekers have been camping out on the sidewalk in downtown Toronto for weeks as shelter space has reached capacity. One third of shelter occupants in Toronto are migrants. Despite this clear sign that Toronto does not have the capacity to welcome more migrants, nothing seems to be changing.

Is this the life they envisioned when Justin Trudeau told them that Canada welcomes them?

The unforuntate situation that these migrants are in – most of whom are from Africa – is compounded by politicians using their plight as political leverage to secure more funding for the city or to offload a federal responsibility to the province and the city.

Throughout all of this, Canadians are struggling like never before. Millions of Canadians are earning less than minimum wage and need a government check to pay for food. Many Canadians can’t afford to live in the cities they grew up in.

On this episode of Ratio’d, Harrison Faulkner went down to this migrant encampment in Toronto and spoke directly to them to figure out what is going on.

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