Canada’s harmful “safe supply” agenda (feat. Adam Zivo)
Canada’s harmful “safe supply” agenda (feat. Adam Zivo)

Governments across Canada have embraced a “harm reduction” and “safe supply” agenda in response to the drug crisis, which has killed more than 30,000 people since 2016.

Their approach consists of giving so-called “safe drugs” to addicts and having “safe” injection sites available for people to consume drugs. Hard drugs have even been decriminalized in B.C.

While this “harm reduction” approach is backed by leftist politicians and activists, several experts and former addicts believe Canada’s “harm reduction” and “safe supply” agenda is a disaster. 

True North’s Elie Cantin-Nantel spoke about the matter with National Post columnist Adam Zivo. He has written several pieces about the harms of Canada’s “safe supply” agenda. Zivo is also known for his coverage of the war in Ukraine and various LGBTQ issues.

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