Ratio’d | Justin Trudeau’s growing Khalistan Problem
Ratio’d | Justin Trudeau’s growing Khalistan Problem

The growing diplomatic battle between the Indian government and the Canadian government is a major problem for Justin Trudeau. Years of soured relations are coming to the fore as Khalistanis in Canada become more aggressive and more brazen in their anti-Indian displays. After the death of alleged Khalistan Tiger Force leader Hardeep Nijjar, Khalistani’s began labeling Indian diplomats in Canada as “killers” and flyers were circulating in Canada calling to ‘Kill India’.

In response, Trudeau shrugged it off and defended the Khalistani extremists’ right to free expression. India has accused Trudeau of being captured by ‘vote bank politics’ and pandering to extremists.

Why is Trudeau so soft on Khalistani extremism?

Harrison Faulkner explores those questions on the latest episode of Ratio’d!

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