Poilievre takes aim at Trudeau at Calgary Stampede
Poilievre takes aim at Trudeau at Calgary Stampede

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau opposes liberalism by encroaching on Canadians’ freedoms at every corner. 

Speaking at a Conservative Party of Canada Calgary Stampede event on Saturday evening, Poilievre said Liberals used to believe in liberty while Conservatives believed in conserving it. 

“What we see with Justin Trudeau today is an entirely different ideological creature,” Poilievre said. 

“This is not a more extreme form of liberalism. This is the opposite of liberalism. Wokism is about nothing more than control, more power in his hands, less freedom for the people.”

Instead of a divide and conquer mentality, “we should unite for freedom in this country,” the Conservative leader said. 

Poilievre also took aim at Trudeau’s carbon taxes – including the recently-implemented Clean Fuel Standard – and the government’s climate agenda, which he claims has destroyed Alberta’ energy sector.

“I will put an end once and for all to the Trudeau mentality that the West should just pay up and shut up,” he said.

“This is the beating heart of our economy. Western Canadians are among the most patriotic of all Canadians. They deserve to be treated with respect.” 

Poilievre, who grew up in Calgary, also said Trudeau didn’t feel at home while visiting Alberta’s annual stampede. 

“He was going around town, trying to find somebody who would support his 61 cent a litre carbon tax and no one was buying in,” he said. “Our excellent and very strong Premier Danielle Smith told him exactly where to go.”

Trudeau had a few embarrassing moments while visiting the Stampede this year, including flipping an undercooked pancake which then splattered all over the griddle. 

While at the Ismaili Muslim breakfast, Trudeau promoted the government’s childcare and economic policies. 

“These are things that we know are not a choice between economic growth and helping people. It’s that you create economic growth by helping people,” Trudeau said. 

The prime minister was also booed while speaking at a Liberal rally on Saturday morning, including by one protester who yelled, “Get the WEF out of Canada.” 

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