Is UFO/ET Disclosure a Deep State PsyOp? — Expert Author and Historian John W. Warner IV Describes the Complicated Reality Behind the Military-Industrial Complex and a Changing World Order 
Is UFO/ET Disclosure a Deep State PsyOp? — Expert Author and Historian John W. Warner IV Describes the Complicated Reality Behind the Military-Industrial Complex and a Changing World Order 
John W. Warner IV: Author of the “Little Anton” historical fiction series

John W. Warner IV doesn’t mince words.

“There’s a single business that makes more money than any other in the world,” the noted author and historian with deep roots in the intelligence community and military-industrial complex told me in a phone call on Tuesday evening.

“Human Trafficking.”

Although Warner’s assessment may be shocking to some, his lifelong understanding of deep-state political intrigue provides unimpeachable gravitas. The nitty-gritty gets only more complicated.

As the son of the late Virginia Senator John Warner and mother, Catherine Mellon(Heiress to the Mellon banking fortune), John IV has a unique insider’s perspective of the mechanisms of power in the U.S. Government and beyond.

Senator John Warren
Late Virginia Senator and former Secretary of the Navy, John Warren

“30 years ago, my dad told me flat-out,” he explains bluntly. “All politicians — even presidents — are bought and paid for before they even enter office.”

Like every other facet of society, Warner says economic and diplomatic considerations drive the recent UFO and Extraterrestrial public relations surge.

“If you come out tomorrow and everyone says UFO and ET are real, that’s not a big deal,” Warner explains, “The big deal is what treaties, agreements, and contracts have been written with ET over the decades for military technology through illegal funding streams and weapon sales.”

Warner highlights the work of Joseph P. Farrell, considered by many as the world’s preeminent researcher of the financial mechanisms that drive black ops, covert wars, and efforts to build breakaway civilizations.

Understanding the obfuscation of illegal financing through diabolical methods of transferring value is how conversation inevitably comes to human trafficking.

“This is where we’re headed,” Warner explains while pointing out the existence of a matrix of misinformation constructed by a ruling elite.

“Unfortunately, people have a very distorted view of reality, and I don’t blame them,” Warner says, “Religions, media, and movies — TV, governments, and politicians have gone through great strides — intel agencies — to construct a false reality that we live in.”

Perhaps unfortunately, for any efforts to disseminate the actual truth, Warner says a lack of public faith in existing institutions further complicates honest efforts.

“A lot of people don’t buy into it, whether instinctively or intellectually,” he explains, “For me, it was a matter of both.”

Warner says official control of the disclosure narrative continues to slip.

“I think what’s happening with this Grusch thing is that the UAP Task Force and my cousin Chris Mellon and all these people — they’re kind of playing a game,” Warner says, “They’re disclosing a little, but we remember Congressional investigations into UFOs and eyewitnesses going back to the sixties.”

“But the public doesn’t remember that,” he explains, “So I take issue with my cousin and his team sort of spinning things their own way.”
Christopher Mellon
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher Mellon appears on ExoMagazinTV, 10/25/22

Nevertheless, Warner understands the near-endless complexities involved with any disclosure effort.

“There’s no easy way to disclose any of this stuff — it’s all wrapped up in so much dirty laundry that one way or another in the next 10 to 20 years, it’s all gonna unravel,” Warner says.

After three years of Covid related psychological warfare operations and decades of climate change propaganda, the public is suspicious of anything the government says.

When it comes to any official discussion of ETs, large swaths of the population smell bullshit.

Warner says some of it is:

“The deep state comprises a few white hats and a few black hats, but it’s mostly gray. My cousin and his team and all these other people, Hal Puthoff and others — I mean, they’re all gray hats. Believe it or not, they’re the younger generation.”

As the original black hats approach the latter stages of life — aging into their eighties and nineties — Warner cites his understanding of history and says their influence wanes:

“You have to wait for them because they hold so much money and power to die off. And that’s what’s happening here.”

Warner describes a vast, multipolar deep-state comprised of compartmentalized factions who continue to jockey for control of the complete UFO, ET File:

“My impression is if you stack pages from the file from floor to ceiling, it’s a minimum of 30 feet high,” he explains, “My cousin Chris Mellon got maybe one foot.”

“So these are the people they answer to — higher powers, stakeholders, or whatever — they have been compartmentalized themselves,” Warner says.

This compartmentalization, Warner explains, worked somewhat effectively for controlling the message, but 80 years of secrecy is an overall failure. Even if full disclosure is just around the corner, much of the public is disinterested.

Hal Puthoff
Dr. Harold Puthoff appears on 8 News NOW Las Vegas, 6/8/18

So how to make people care about the most important issue in human history?

“There’s a lot of distractions, but there’ll be a tipping point where people are forced to pay attention,” Warner says, “The release of zero point Energy and cold fusion technologies, severe magnetic fields, and high voltage scaler stuff will change the world overnight. Fortunes will be lost, and that’s when people start to care — when it hits them in the wallet.”

“It’s still very taboo, and a lot of people don’t wanna talk about it,” says Warner.
Nevertheless, reasonably discussing unexplained phenomena is necessary for America’s future success and prosperity.

“It’s like a sinking ship — everyone has to cooperate,” Warner explains, “We’re listing to port, and we’re taking on water, and people are fighting about what color to paint the smoke stack. We’re arguing about the wrong things, which needs to change.”

Even though division is at an all-time high, Warner remains somewhat optimistic. Repetitive assault on traditional values inadvertently awakened conservative America — the anger has opened their eyes.

With any luck, Warner hopes more ears will be ready to hear.

“Unless we start talking about it in meaningful ways, we’re doomed on this planet as a species,” John W. Warner IV explains,

“There’s no precedent in human history that goes along with this issue because it’s almost endless — it will consume the earth as far as intellectualism goes for the next a hundred years.”

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