Kari Lake’s First Book “Unafraid: Just Getting Started” is a MUST-READ Memoir of Stolen Elections and Draining the Uniparty Swamp in Arizona – PRE-ORDER TODAY

Kari Lake’s First Book “Unafraid: Just Getting Started” is a MUST-READ Memoir of Stolen Elections and Draining the Uniparty Swamp in Arizona – PRE-ORDER TODAY

Kari Lake’s first-ever book, “Unafraid,” recounts the Arizona election integrity hero’s historic battle to save Arizona and secure elections after leaving the corrupt fake news media.

The book opens with a foreword from a man who knows a thing or two about stolen elections, President Donald J. Trump.

The Gateway Pundit received an early copy of Lake’s incredible new book, which is available on presale now and will ship on June 27. Pre-order today here.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Lake announced her first book, published by Winning Team Publishing, earlier this year. “This is the story of how a wife and a mother of two became what the mainstream media called “The Most Dangerous Politician in America,” reads the synopsis.

Kari Lake Announces Her First Book! “Unafraid: Just Getting Started” – PRE-ORDER TODAY

Kari Lake’s extremely detailed and well-written memoir of the Stolen 2020 and 2022 elections in Maricopa County tells the story of how she left her 27-year career as a top network news anchor and started a historic Arizona First movement. Despite receiving the most negative coverage of any candidate nationwide with 100% bad press, Lake beat all odds against her and became the Republican Nominee for Arizona Governor while being outspent 20:1 on the campaign trail. Throughout the book, she delivers multiple damning blows exposing the inner workings of the leftist media and their deceptive tactics.

Lake recalls how she took on Arizona’s McCain Machine, the Uniparty, and the Fake News Media Establishment with common sense policy that ignited a firestorm of moms, dads, and working-class Arizonans from all walks of the political spectrum to step up and speak out. This is why the Swamp needed to steal her election.

President Trump was the “archetype” of Lake’s strategy on the campaign trail and her vision for Arizona. Trump was Kari Lake’s blueprint to Make Arizona Great Again while sparring with the media propagandists in epic fashion. Lake writes, “Like Donald Trump, I entered a crowded field full of establishment candidates and political insiders, and turned my relative lack of political experience and position as an outsider into a strength.”

This is what led the grassroots patriots of Arizona to immediately love and embrace Kari Lake as their next Governor, which became known to President Trump when he made his first visit to Arizona since the rigged 2020 election. On July 24, 2021, the President asked the crowd at his rally for their thoughts on the Republican primary candidates for Governor, and Kari Lake received an unforgettable booming applause which President Trump was extremely impressed by. Kari details her first time meeting with the President at his office in New York, which led to his coveted Complete and Total Endorsement.

President Trump touches on this “truly remarkable” occurrence during his first major speech since January 6 in his foreword.

After winning a bloody primary with President Trump’s backing, Lake details her only meeting with RINO Doug Ducey, who “hated Trump,” in the shortest chapter of the book: “Chapter 13: A Short Meeting.”

The incredible story frequently hearkens back to the 2020 election, Sleepy Joe Biden’s bogus 81 million votes, and RINO Maricopa County officials’ stonewalling of the Arizona Senate’s full forensic election audit. Lake also mentions The Gateway Pundit’s exclusive reporting on former Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri confessing on tape that he believes the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump and that his colleagues “didn’t have the guts” to comply with an investigation.

Lake draws numerous similarities between Joe Biden and Katie Hobbs, who both campaigned from the basement, were entangled in scandals, couldn’t form a sentence, and went on to steal their elections. “Game day was rigged. The fix was in before the referees even blew the whistle,” writes Kari while detailing the horror on November 8 and the days that followed. It was later discovered that the errors on election day, where 60% of machines and printers across Maricopa County failed Kari Lake’s voters, were intentionally caused,  thousands of ballots were inserted into the count with no chain of custody, and Maricopa County’s sham signature verification allowed them to be counted. This is why Katie Hobbs refused to debate Kari Lake, and in a deceptive backdoor move by Arizona PBS and Arizona State University President Michael Crow, was given preferential treatment over Kari Lake. “The fix was in for the debate denier.”

But Kari Lake is not giving up on her promise to fight for election integrity and never abandon the victims of Maricopa County’s sham elections.

Lake accurately defines what is happening today as a fight between Americanism and Globalism, and tells readers that the future of this movement needs fighters “who are not just unafraid to challenge the political machine, but actively looking for ways to break it apart.” She also lays out the policies, priorities, and principles that American leaders must abide by to save this Country before it is too late. This Country will be saved by God and Patriotism, not Globalism and atheism.

“Unafraid” gives a never before seen perspective on the events leading up to Lake’s stolen election, the events that followed, and Kari Lake’s solutions to the problems we face in our Country and the state of Arizona.

This is a MUST-READ! Order today here.

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