Biden Could Lose First Two Primary Contests of 2024, in Total Embarrassment for DNC

Biden Could Lose First Two Primary Contests of 2024, in Total Embarrassment for DNC

The DNC has changed their primary schedule to make South Carolina the first state that gets to vote, a move that annoyed many of their own voters in New Hampshire and Iowa.

The reasons for this move are fairly obvious. South Carolina is the state that dragged Biden across the finish line in 2020 and the DNC wanted to avoid a situation that could embarrass Biden and the party in 2024.

Democrats in New Hampshire and Iowa could ignore the DNC however, and that would open up the possibility that RFK or another Democrat could best Biden in the first two Democrat primary contests.

Townhall reported:

DNC in Disarray: Biden Looks Likely to Lose First Two Contests of 2024

As it turns out, that rocky road included bumps that turned out to be insurmountable for the national Democrat leaders who sought to remove first in the nation status from Iowa (caucuses) and New Hampshire (primary) and give it to South Carolina, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada a few days later and rounded out with Michigan and Georgia primaries earlier in the cycle.

In a reality that is looking “increasingly likely” according to an Axios report last Thursday, Iowa and New Hampshire will still be the first states to hold their contests before South Carolina’s primary, states where “Biden’s team is indicating he won’t be on the ballots” if they end up bucking the DNC’s officially sanctioned calendar.

From Axios:

Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire could defy Biden and move ahead with their contests — even as the party warns it will strip them of their national convention delegates if they jump the gun.

That sets up a scenario in which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or another long-shot Democrat could win those states — and embarrass the president…

Since Biden’s surprise decision last December to make South Carolina the first state in Democrats’ 2024 season with a primary on Feb. 3, New Hampshire Democrats have openly bashed the White House and the Democratic National Committee…

Iowa Democrats haven’t been as publicly hostile over Biden’s move. But in the past two months they’ve quietly moved to hold their contest the same day as Iowa Republicans — in January, but with a mail-in option for ballots…

We have all seen this movie before.

Democrats are going to make sure that Biden is their nominee, but the process of getting there is going to be awkward, to say the least.

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