CAMPUS WATCH: University of Guelph says to use “they/them” pronouns for animals
CAMPUS WATCH: University of Guelph says to use “they/them” pronouns for animals

A Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) style guide from the University of Guelph says that “they/them” pronouns should be used when referring to animals because animals reportedly don’t have a gender.

“Animals have sex, not gender,” reads the style guide. “Use the pronouns they/them/their to refer to an animal.”

It adds that “he/him” or “she/her” pronouns are however appropriate for animals “if used in a quote, if used in the kind of story where it seems appropriate to humanize the animal, or where the sex is known: The queen bee left her hive. The stag charged at his rival.”

Guelph’s woke SOGI style guide, which states that people should “aim to use inclusive language,” also touches on neopronouns and gender-neutral terms. 

It stresses the importance of using a person’s “gender-affirming pronouns,” which could be “they/them,” “ze/zir,” “fae/faer,” or other neopronouns.

The guide also calls for the use of “Gender-Neutral and Gender-Inclusive Language,” which means avoiding words that hint at there being two sexes or genders as well as words that contain the word “man”.

“Binary language implies only two sexes and/or genders. Avoid references to ‘both sexes/genders,’ ‘either sex/gender,’ or ‘opposite sex/gender,’” says the guide. “Instead, use the phrase ‘all sexes/genders.’”

“Avoid addressing a crowd as ‘ladies and gentlemen,’” it adds. “When writing speeches or addressing formal audiences, use inclusive, gender-neutral language such as ‘welcome to all our guests’ or ‘distinguished guests.’”

Guelph says the words “alumni”, “alumnus,” or “alumna” should also be avoided, as they are not gender-neutral. The same goes for the word “fellow.” 

“Consider other gender-neutral words as follows,” adds the guide. “Use chair instead of chairman. Rather than man or mankind, use person, individual, people, human beings, humanity. Rather than man-made, use artificial, constructed, manufactured.”

Additionally, the SOGI style guide says to “avoid gender-specific words related to women.” “Actor” should be used instead of “actress”, “server” should be used instead of “waitress”, “first language” should be used instead of “mother tongue,” and “birth name” should be used instead of “maiden name”. 

Like other Ontario post-secondary institutions, the University of Guelph has embraced gender ideology, as well as “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” (EDI) policies. 

This is also not the first time that the University of Guelph has made headlines for its wokism.

As previously reported by True North’s Campus Watch series, the university offers “LGBTQ2IA+ Only” swim times to “provide space (that) specifically decenters cisheteronormativity.” People attending can use the change room of their choice and “wear the attire and swimwear they desire” or “try something new if that best suits them.”

The university has also hosted several racially segregated events, including a black-only yoga session and art workshop, as well as a “sensual embodiment” session exclusive to non-white people who identify as “2SLGBTQIA+”. 

True North reached out to the University of Guelph for comment, but it did not respond in time for publication.

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