Facebook labels drag queen story time reporting “adult content”
Facebook labels drag queen story time reporting “adult content”

The social media platform Facebook has blacklisted two True North reports on a drag queen story time in Winnipeg and a Nova Scotia program that hands out fake breasts and prosthetic penises to youth as “adult content” that violates the company’s policies. 

A notification by the platform claimed that the stories in question were not eligible for advertising because they did not comply with Facebook’s “Adult Content policy.” 

“Ads must not contain adult content including nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions, or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative,” states the policy. 

“We used either technology or a review team to detect this violation and carry out this decision.” 

Neither of the two stories published by True North contained any nudity and all attempts were made to blur out explicit materials. 

The first story in question was True North’s report about how Winnipeg Pride hosted drag queen performers from “The House of Hex” on the kids stage despite the fact that the group had extreme and satanic-themed content on their public social media accounts. 

Posts published to the group’s so-called “mother” Flora Hex’s Instagram showed a variety of content not suitable and potentially frightening for children. 

Photos also included bondage gear, horns and other adult content. 

The other article was on the Nova Scotia based Youth Project which distributes free “gender-affirming items” such as prosthetic penises, fake breasts and chest binders to youth.

Two of the vendors which the taxpayer-funded group directed youth to sells sex toys, BDSM gear and uses nude models. 

“If you wish to purchase a binder, packer, gaff, trans tape, or breast forms locally, you can do so at Venus Envy,” writes the Youth Project.

“Our gaffs are from Origami Customs. In order to find out your best fit, please measure yourself based off of their size guide,” writes the Youth Project.

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