CAMPUS WATCH: Toronto college hosting “Queering Nature” event
CAMPUS WATCH: Toronto college hosting “Queering Nature” event

Toronto’s Humber College is hosting a “2SLGBTQ+” ecology event that will feature discussions on “the many ways we see queerness” in plants and animals.

The event comes amid the college boasting about “consistent efforts towards building an inclusive and diverse community.”

“Did you know that some plants and animals demonstrate queer behaviour?” reads the event’s description. “Join us for a walk in the Arboretum as we talk about the many ways we see queerness in nature.”

The event is open to “2SLGBTQ+ Humber College and UofG students, staff, and faculty and community allies.” It will take place the week of June 12th.

Colleges and universities across Canada are marking the month of June with woke events and activities rooted in gender ideology and queer theory.  

In addition to the “Queering Nature” event, Humber College is hosting a drag queen story hour, a gay trivia, a “queer joy literary panel” and a “post-pride” picnic to mark the end of pride month. It also invites people to participate in a trans rally and march and a “Dyke” lesbian pride rally.

It should also be noted that the concept of “queer ecology” has been present in academia.

“Queer ecology” is defined as an “interdisciplinary constellation of practices that aim, in different ways, to disrupt prevailing heterosexist discursive and institutional articulations of sexuality and nature, and also to reimagine evolutionary processes, ecological interactions, and environmental politics in light of queer theory.”

Humber College did not return True North’s request for comment in time for publication.

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